Introduction of Halls
(1) Antrodia cinnamomea Inn
Antrodia cinnamomea is a treasured and unique medicinal mushroom in Taiwan demonstrating therapeutic effects to multiple diseases. This hall introduces different characteristics of camphor trees, bio-active effects of Antrodia cinnamomea, different culture methods and their differences. We also display the live Antrodia cinnamomea on different basswoods. Information on the display board is concise and easy to understand. The actual display of the live culture is also diverse and precious.

(2) Lactic Acid Bacteria Inn
As you walk through the hall wall illuminated with LED lights to simulate the intestinal environment, you are walking into a mysterious world of probiotic bacteria. This hall introduces different kinds of probiotic bacteria, how they function in the body, applications of lactic acid bacteria fermentation, detailed information on each lactic acid bacteria, and microscopic demonstration of lactic acid bacteria and etc. The information is lively and interesting. The demo materials are diverse and amazing.

(3) Microorganism Application Inn
We bring a typical layout of a kitchen into the hall to show how closely we live with products of microbial fermentation. Here you will see the technology is applied in making foods, alcoholic drinks, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Visitors can also use the touch-screen device to answer quizzes and get a prize and etc…The interactive quizzes are educative and fun.

(4)(5)Edible & Medicinal Mushroom Inn
Two themes are displayed in the same hall. As you walk into this hall, you can feel the cool and wood-scented breeze. You may feel you are walking into the wild forest in which plenty of mushrooms are grown. This hall introduces the microscopic world of fungi, displays real specimens and demo models of various Cordyceps spp. The display boards give detailed description of each fungus and there are many diverse and interesting specimens.