Course Introduction
【Microfer Half-Day Educational Tour】
Tour time:Every Tuesday to Friday exclusive for group bookings. Prior bookings are essential via phone or
Suitable for:Group guests (academics, corporate, organization or family gatherings), 15-30 groups. 
Schedule:The whole tour takes approximately 3 hours (including the factory tour, the class and DIY program).
Choose one of the five programs:
(1) Longevity and Beauty Ferment - Vinegar (including the fruit vinegar
     DIY), NTD$250.
(2) Longevity and Health Ferment – Creamy Koji (including the creamy koji
     DIY), NTD$250. 
(3) Omnipresent Microbes (including the humpty dumpty mushroom house
     DIY), NTD$300.
(4) Preserve Youth – Age Gracefully (including the bath bomb DIY), NTD$250.
(5) Make a Transaction of your Health Account (including the yummy yoghurt
     tasting), NTD$300.

Additional lunch bookings:

Prior bookings are essential. Each "Microfer" combo is NTD$100 (a special price valid only with the educational tour booking),which includes Microfer bento + 1 Apple fermented drink (250C.C.) +1 chang-chih tea jelly. 

How to book:Via internet or phone. The booking must be made at least one week prior to the tour and 50% of
                      advance deposit must be made at the same time. The remaining amount can be paid on the day
                      of the tour.